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As the reduction of single-use plastic waste has become an issue for global environmental protection, beeswax wrap, also known as eco-wrap, has become popular among those who are highly environmentally conscious.

Apiary-Made is a 100% biodegradable food wrap made by hand using organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and natural resin on organic cotton cloth (GOTS certified). Wash with water and repeat. It is a beeswax wrap that can be used.

Beeswax has a natural antiseptic and antibacterial effect, and it also prevents condensation on food, slowing down the deterioration speed of vegetables and fruits, and is also effective in reducing food loss.


Brand name Apiary Apiary means apiary. At our own apiary in Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia, we have been working since 2015 to protect the environment and create a sustainable society while protecting the lives of bees.

Compared to similar items from other companies, it uses a lot of beeswax, making it a full-fledged high-quality item. As you wash it many times, the beeswax will gradually become thinner and the texture will become softer. In Australia, it is sold at national and state galleries and museums, high-end household goods stores, lifestyle stores, kitchen goods stores, etc. Harrods in the UK, Selfridges and other lifestyle shops where highly conscious customers gather. are treated in  


<Reference product> There is also a small ball-shaped item that uses the edges of the organic cotton cloth with beeswax from the wrap manufacturing process as an ignition material. If you use it when camping or when lighting the fireplace, you can smell the beeswax slightly and you can use it comfortably without leaving any garbage after burning.


Founder Celeste Faltyn and team members launched the Honey of Hope project and donated a portion of the proceeds to Heifer International to support communities facing hardships and donate beehives We are also doing

In recognition of its wonderful activities, it has become a finalist for the 2019 Victorian Society Change Awards.

* At Apiary Made, we use original designs from companies and shops.

We manufacture beeswax wraps. Please contact us for more information.

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