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​Flor means "flower" in Spanish.

Authentic anti-aging skincare* that combines new natural ingredients with the plant *calendula* (moisturizing ingredient), which has been cherished since ancient times, and the Japanese rose called Hamanasu** (moisturizing ingredient). (*Age-appropriate care)

It was named with such a wish that all life will be full of flowers like that person.

Frol's Promise
For a sustainable society, we consider the environment so that both producers and users can be happy. No silicones, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorings, synthetic preservatives, petroleum-based surfactants, mineral oils, UV absorbers, or animal ingredients are used.

Frol brand direction
Beautician/Organic Specialist
Mr. Chiaki Yoshikawa

Rash easily, look dull, dry,
There is no firmness, I want luster,
The cosmetics you used to use no longer suit you, etc.
There are skin troubles that we encounter in various scenes of life. And sometimes there are greedy expectations.

As a beautician who has dealt with the skin troubles of more than 10,000 Japanese women, the answer to the itchy skin is contained in the two products of Flor.

*Frol is a Japanese face skin care series produced under the direction of organic specialist/beauty artist Chiaki Yoshikawa.



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