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Do you know the word Aroma-Chology?

It is a coined word that combines Aroma and Psychology.


Scent is directly connected to the brain.

When you suddenly smell a nostalgic scent, various thoughts at that time may be revived.

  We seem to instinctively store aromas in our brain memory.


Aroma New Habit Dr.Natur  Haru Aroma.

Our medical aroma experts have selected and blended essential oils for each purpose, with a focus on production areas and quality.

A patch type that can be easily enjoyed not only by those who like aromas, but also by those who are new to aromas.

A full-fledged essential oil blend is comfortable and enriches your days.

Simply attach the essential oil-soaked patch to your underwear and the scent will last for about 3 hours.


New custom.
Just put the scent on and I am ready

The scent makes you feel good and healthy.

You can easily take in the power of aroma and have a rich day that is unique to you.

With Haru Aroma, you can start a positive new habit of taking care of yourself simply by applying a patch infused with natural essential oils.

*Regarding delivery*

You can use Yu-Packet (shipping fee 250 yen) for Haru Aroma orders (up to 5 bags).

Easy aroma self-care just by putting a patch


Very simple to use

Simply attach the aroma patch soaked in essential oil blend to your chest such as your underwear.

Body temperature acts as a scent switch, and the aroma spreads softly for about 3 hours, realizing self-care of the scent. (The length of time the scent lasts will vary slightly depending on the humidity and temperature of the day. Generally speaking, the higher the humidity and temperature, the shorter the length of time the scent will last. The lower the humidity and temperature, the longer the scent lasts. It will take longer) If you feel that the scent is too strong, please use it in a position far from your nose, such as on your stomach. No need to apply or blend oils or creams. Feel free to enjoy the full-fledged scent of natural essential oils anytime.

Haru Aroma Check 3 points

マスクにハルアロマ .jpg
Point 1 

100% natural high quality

adopt essential oils

Point 2

A medical aroma expert

Blend essential oils for different purposes

Point 3

Just stick it on your clothes.

Easy to continue without stress

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