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​1400m above sea level Skin care with domestic herbs grown in the Sugadaira plateau
Highland Remedies Born in 2020 


​I only want to use honest ones.

For those looking for simple, high-quality Japane-made skin care and hair care.


I started cultivating medicinal herbs in the forest near the water source near the summit of Sugadaira at an altitude of 1400m. To challenge world-class medical herb cultivation.


​The world class top-level organic herb cultivation, which is comparable to European medicinal herbs, is being carried out at the Sugadaira Kogen Medicinal Plant Cultivation Bureau. It has been several years since I decided to make arnica and calendula in Japan, which have healed wounds and relieved the pain of soldiers on the battlefield since ancient times. We learned and received guidance from experienced medicinal plant growers in Europe, repeated trial and error in Sugadaira, repeated pruning so that the seeds would remember the climate of the plateau, and finally, 100% home-grown seeds, rich in color. Flowers have started to grow. We have created a surprisingly pure and simple skin care and hair care series by extracting high-energy herbs carefully cultivated by biodynamic farming while observing the solar calendar, the position of the moon, and the constellations so that they are familiar to Japanese skin. did. That is Highland Remedies. Mass production is not possible. Cultivate from the soil, grow from seeds while interacting with nature, hand-pick the flowers, dry them, and infuse them without haste. No petroleum-derived chemical ingredients are used. So to speak, slow cosmetics itself. I am very happy and proud to be able to introduce this treasure of Highland Remedies, filled with the passion and love of the producers. I would like to share the soft, quiet, yet powerful and deep fragrance and comfort of use with everyone who feels the same way. Highland Remedies is alive with Japanese sincerity and the comfort of enjoying the seasons.

​ハイランドレメディーズ のものがたり


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