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ALOHA Aloha! hanalei is a skincare brand from Hawaii, the island of everlasting summer. A bright, bouncy and fun care item that makes you feel the tropical breeze of Hawaii, which you love. Please find your favorites such as papaya enzyme facial cleansing powder, aloe body gel, and Kukui body lotion.


Gentle and enveloping kindness is comfortable

With the aloha spirit of nature Hawaii

Hanalei is a skin care product inspired by the plants grown on the islands of Hawaii. Simple but easy to use, such as kukui, papaya, sugarcane and noni,A care series that can be used by all skin types.

Recommended for active people who love the outdoors, who love sports, and who want to feel the sea all year round. Daily skin care while feeling Hawaii, such as using papaya enzymes for face cleansing, preparing skin with aloe vera gel after marine sports, lip scrub using sugar cane, and lip treatment containing kukui nut oil. You can enjoy it.​Of course, don't forget to bring Hawaii flavored lip balm in your pouch when you go out!

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