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Apiary Made Extra Large (Yellow) Single

Large size (42cm x 42cm) beeswax wrap perfect for covering loaves of bread, platters, lettuce and cabbage.

There are 6 types of color patterns

Organic cotton cloth (GOTS certified) coated with beeswax, jojoba oil and natural resins. The natural adhesive strength of beeswax adheres to the skin when the wraps are layered so that they are warmed by the body temperature of the hands. Please mold it into your favorite shape and use it. * The outer box has changed to a square. There is no change in wrap size.

Apiary Made Extra Large (Yellow) Single

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  • Cannot be used in microwave and dishwasher. Please note that the beeswax may melt if it comes in contact with hot water or a high temperature environment. Not suitable for raw meat or raw fish. When using for highly acidic foods such as lemons, place the cut surface on a plate and cover the pericarp with plastic wrap to avoid direct contact with the beeswax. After use, wash with water (mild detergent can be used) and dry naturally indoors without exposing to direct sunlight. It can be used for about 1 year if used 2-3 times a week.

  • 6 colors and patternsAvailable in yellow, pink, bright green, navy blue, floral, and vegetable patterns.


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・ Total purchase amount of 8000 yen (excluding tax) or moreFree shipping. (Yamato mail delivery)
Apiary maid (beeswax wrap) 2IndividualOr, if you order only Haru Aroma, you can select letter pack light (shipping fee 370 yen).

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