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It's not a serious illness, but somehow I'm not feeling well,

Are there any natural and safe aroma items that can be used casually at such times? . .

Haru Aroma (fragrant patch) was born from such a thought.

Not only one scent, but also multiple blends of several types of high quality natural essential oils,

Finished in a patch type that allows you to enjoy the change of fragrance over time.

Even if you use it every day, you will not get tired of it.

You can use it happily as a support patch.

You can easily carry it without having to prepare many essential oil bottles or blending yourself.

Just stick it on when you want it, and self-care will be realized by yourself.


As a daily aroma habit or as a gift for your loved ones,

We hope that you will use it as one of the ways to communicate with your family through aroma.

12 pieces
(There are 3 types of scents: relaxing, feminine, and active, depending on the purpose.)

Self-care just by pasting

​Doctor Nature Haru Aroma 

With Haru Aroma, just apply a patch soaked with natural essential oil,The scent spreads with body temperature, and the self-care of the scent that prepares yourself comes true.

No need to apply or blend oils or creams.

The world of full-fledged aroma blend of natural essential oils,Feel free to enjoy it anytime. (The scent lasts for about 3 hours.)

100% natural
high quality
​ adopt essential oil

​Point 1

of medical aroma
Versatile by professionals
​ essential oil blend

​Point 2

Just stick it on your clothes
without stress
​ easy to continue
​Point 3
​Haru Aroma is recommended for these people!

​✔︎Those who want to enjoy the scent and perform self-care without hassle

✔︎Those who want to be wrapped in a natural and high-quality fragrance

✔︎Those who want to take in natural scents in the morning, at work, and at bedtime

✔︎Those who want to enjoy natural essential oils casually

​✔︎Those who don't like synthetic fragrances

​Essential oil blend supervision partner Hal Aroma (RELAX / WOMAN / ACTIVE)

​Haru Aroma is a blend of natural essential oils obtained from plants. We are blending with a medical aroma expert as a supervising partner. It is thanks to our long experience and accumulated technology that we are able to create a layer of fragrance that changes over time and lasts for a long time by combining only natural essential oils. We are particular about the type of essential oil and the production area, and we carefully calculate the blending amount to create an elaborate scent.
Eishin Akada
Integrative Medicine "Shu Clinic" Director / Former director of the Japan Aromatherapy Society (responsible for essential oil accuracy) / Japan Surgical Society certified physician / Japanese Gastroenterological Society certified physician / Japanese Association for Emergency Medicine certified physician / Nihon University Emergency Medicine Course Lecturer
Hiroko Kubo
Pharmacist / IFA Certified Aromatherapist / IFA Certified Instructor /
Director of the Japanese Association for Aromatherapy / Doctor of Medicine
How to use Haru Aroma
Please paste the patch over clothing such as underwear. Warming with body temperature spreads the scent. Please enjoy aroma self-care according to your purpose, such as switching your feelings, relaxing and boosting your energy.
Review (user's voice)
I put it on my pajamas before going to bed. It has a nice mild scent. (Ms. YF, woman in her 30s)
If you put it on in the morning, you can spend your time on a crowded train without worrying about the smell around you. I have more opportunities to have my co-workers say, "You smell good." (Mr. TG, male in his 40s)
​ I use it when I tend to feel down due to the rhythm of women. The natural scent will make you feel relaxed. (Ms. AK, female in her 20s)
For a change of mood and energy up
A fresh and refreshing scent brightens your mood. It gives you energy and motivation. Even when you want to improve your concentration.
Essential oils: 5 types including lime and rosemary
12 pieces 1500 yen (excluding tax)
support femininity
Supports the delicate and fluctuating heart and body of women with a gorgeous and deep floral scent. We support supple and healthy beauty.
​Essential oils: 6 types including marjoram and ylang ylang
12 pieces 1600 yen (excluding tax)
Relax and unwind
An aromatic blend for relaxation that gently loosens the hardened head and body. It is also recommended before going to bed.
Essential oils: 5 types including lavender and bergamot
12 pieces 1500 yen (excluding tax)
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