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​Our Story

The company name Verde Nature is VERDE (= green) NATUR (= natural)
A combination of two words.

Not a pretentious face,
Like relaxing in the pleasant greenery,
An unadorned, one-of-a-kind look. I think that such a natural body is beautiful.

What kind of skin care is comfortable skin care?

Glittering packages and TV commercials are all around us.
After I bought it because a model with beautiful skin appeared in a commercial.
Huh? Have you ever been disappointed by cosmetics that don't suit your skin?

We believe that we should be especially careful when choosing products that come into direct contact with the skin.
Don't just choose based on image or atmosphere
If possible, the ingredients used inside, what kind of person and what kind of person
Want to know where it's made?
If possible, I would like to use products made from natural materials that are not derived from petroleum.

At Verde Nature, you can feel the love and thoughts of the creator.
Such brands and products, and the stories behind the products
I would like to introduce you to everyone while telling you.
Go Green, Go Natural with everyone.
Verde Nature 
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