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2019.  Japan landing

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Oxygen Natural NZ Skin Care is a natural skin care from Nelson, New Zealand, started in 2009 by Alana Riley.

Alana, who has experience running model schools and manners schools, has seen many models who are confident and radiant as their skin condition improves.

​ We want you to use natural skin care from a young age that makes use of natural ingredients that do not rely on strong chemical ingredients derived from petroleum.

motherI want to make a skin care series that my daughter and I can be beautiful together. With that in mind, we decided to use organic hop extract grown in our own hop farm, the largest in the southern hemisphere.

Combining kiwi enzyme and manuka honey,Unique yet convincingWe do skin care.

In New Zealand, it has been sold at over 250 stores as a talisman skin care brand for people with skin problems and has received high praise.

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