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verde nature

​our thoughts

supple. Comfortable. Be happy.

Beautiful like me.

Our days that are part of the flow of nature

Sometimes slowly, sometimes bouncy, while going up and down

I'm carving my own rhythm.

When you want to slow down, when you want to raise the tempo and feel refreshed

The power of plants and aromas that snuggle up to various life scenes

​ will be a reassuring ally.


I want to be myself so that I don't miss the voice of my heart.

Made with natural materials as much as possible, even for your own skin

​I want to choose environmentally friendly care items.

Because I want to cherish the comfort of myself and someone important to me

​For fun and beauty

We propose "Natural Beauty Care".

* Verde Nature is the general agent in Japan for Oxygen Natural NZ Skin Care.

​ *Doctor Nature is an aroma goods brand proposed by Verde Nature

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